How to calculate Reach of your Facebook Posts to your Fans

Facebook Reach is probably one of the most written topics in Facebook marketing blogosphere on the World Wide Web. An exact keyword search on Google with “Facebook Reach” returns over 71,000 results. That’s a lot of content.

If you are reading this post then probably you are already aware about what Facebook Reach is so I am not going to repeat it again. Let’s jump directly to the purpose of this post.

But before we ride further, an important note:

This method of finding Reach to Page Fans doesn’t apply to all of those posts where you have done any sort of targeting like based on Geography or Languages, etc.

Ok, let’s begin.

How to Find out Reach of your Facebook Posts to your Fans

To find out the reach we are looking at combining data from 2 different sets of data from Facebook Insights export.


First we export Page Level data and then again Post Level as per below screenshot.


Let’s call Page Level file as ‘PageLevelData.xlsx’ and other one as ‘PostLevelData.xlsx’.

Open PostLevelData.xlsx and from “Key metrics” tab delete all posts where you have done any targeting. You can easily identify these posts by looking at columns “Countries” & “Languages” as these columns will show you some values otherwise they are plain blank.

Once you have deleted all rows for your targeted posts start beginning deleting all columns but keep:

  • Posted (Column G)
  • Lifetime Post reach by people who like your Page (Column X)

(The column positions in your data export can be different so look out by Column Name as above to double confirm). After deleting non required data, your file will look similar to below:


Now save this file and let’s call it ‘ReachCalculation.xlsx’.

There are few studies around the internet that shows that typically life of a Facebook post is between few hours to close to a day so that means that the maximum FAN reach of our post can be equal to the Fans we have on our page at the day when we posted our post. Agree?

So our next step is to know the number of Fans of the page on the day of the post we are analyzing. For that we need to open the PageLevelData.xlsx and look out for column “Lifetime Total Likes” under Column H.

Now the idea is to copy/paste the Lifetime Likes data to the ReachCalculation.xlsx based on the Posted date so we can run our reach calculation. If you are an Excel nerd then you can do a VLOOKUP formula to get this number in a flash.

By matching date from “Posted” column in PostLevelData.xlsx and “Date” column from PageLevelData.xlsx we simply bring the Lifetime Likes Total from PageLevelData.xlsx to ReachCalculation.xlsx


Bravo! It might look complicated in this post but when you’ll do it you’ll realize how simple it is.

Now we have all the data to run our calculations. We create another column in ReachCalculation.xlsx in Column D and let’s say it ‘% Reach to Page Fans’.

Add a simple formula to divide Lifetime Post Reach by people who like your Page with Lifetime Total Likes (=B2/C2 in above case). Change the data format to Percent and drag the formula down to end. Resulting file should look like:


I can see that Fan reach of above 3 posts is between 10.09% to 11.15% which is pretty good considering the size of the page.

Next Steps:

Now try to identify FAN reach for your all your Facebook posts over several weeks or months and then try to analyze what kind of posts are generating higher reach. For example when you post a photo or a video, when you post in morning or in afternoon, weekday vs weekend, long text vs short text – this list can go on & on as per your imagination.

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