How to calculate Reach of your Facebook Posts to your Fans

Facebook Reach is probably one of the most written topics in Facebook marketing blogosphere on the World Wide Web. An exact keyword search on Google with “Facebook Reach” returns over 71,000 results. That’s a lot of content.

If you are reading this post then probably you are already aware about what Facebook Reach is so I am not going to repeat it again. Let’s jump directly to the purpose of this post. [Read more…]

Facebook Insights & the dilemma of Like Sources for a Fan Page

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Facebook Insights as a tool is highly confusing & frustrating when it comes to understanding the Sources of Page Likes for a Brand page. It is so unclear that it is difficult to understand that it provides data about Like Sources or the physical locations of Like Boxes that appear on various places with Facebook’s interface. It leaves us in a catch-22 situation at various data points but by hook or by crook we have to learn about how to deal with it.

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog post I explained what are the different sources of Page Likes and explanations of each source as per documents provided by Facebook. I showed various examples of inconsistent use label names used in online tool, field names used in Excel export file and then different explanatory names & confusing definitions found in various online documentations provided by Facebook.

This inconsistency and confusing language constitutes to a bigger state of dilemma about sources of page likes. What Facebook explains in theory (within documents) doesn’t make sense in practical when we analyze the data in depth & beyond Facebook Insights. [Read more…]

Sources of Likes for Brand Pages & Facebook Insights (Part 2)

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In first part of this 3 post series I uncovered what the different sources of Page Likes within Facebook & outside Facebook’s interface.

Now in this Part 2 of the post I focus more about different documentations from Facebook to find more about these Like Sources and the differences in between them.

In the Part 3, I’ll discuss some gaps I have found in the way Facebook Insights calculates and interprets the data.
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Sources of Likes for Brand Pages & Facebook Insights (Part 1)

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Do you own a Facebook Brand page or do you analyze one (or several) like me then sooner or later you’ll seek answers to some of questions like this.

How Fans like my Brand page? What % of my fans comes from Organic sources? Is paid advertising working for fan growth of my page? Does Paid Advertising influence my organic growth as well? Do I need to continue with Facebook advertising?

In order to answer some of these questions, it is important to understand what the different sources of Page Likes are. Facebook provides data to find out how fans like your page which can help us uncover answers to above questions. [Read more…]