Measure if your Online Ads are seen or not with this Simple Metric

Measure Your Online Display Advertising Beyond Basics

Research says that investments from brands in Digital marketing are growing exponentially in the Middle East and it will triple in few years. A major component of this digital marketing investment is spent on “Display” advertising which is considered as an influential channel to introduce new products & services to target audiences by a large number of brands here in this region. [Read more…]

5 Tips to Test & Improve Engagement on your Facebook Posts

After working on numerous Facebook pages for local & international Brands I realized that this bird called “engagement” can’t be tamed and you need to continue to evolve with your creative ammunition to keep it on your side.

Every Brand, every agency & every community manager who works in Social Media space is trying different tactics to tame this bird but they all realize sooner or later that this is not an easy task.

Its known from a long time that Facebook posts with Photos generate best engagement rates but have you ever thought that what you can do beyond that  improve your engagement rates? Below are some some tips that you can start testing on your Facebook page for optimizing the engagement. [Read more…]

How to calculate Reach of your Facebook Posts to your Fans

Facebook Reach is probably one of the most written topics in Facebook marketing blogosphere on the World Wide Web. An exact keyword search on Google with “Facebook Reach” returns over 71,000 results. That’s a lot of content.

If you are reading this post then probably you are already aware about what Facebook Reach is so I am not going to repeat it again. Let’s jump directly to the purpose of this post. [Read more…]