5 Tips to Test & Improve Engagement on your Facebook Posts

After working on numerous Facebook pages for local & international Brands I realized that this bird called “engagement” can’t be tamed and you need to continue to evolve with your creative ammunition to keep it on your side.

Every Brand, every agency & every community manager who works in Social Media space is trying different tactics to tame this bird but they all realize sooner or later that this is not an easy task.

Its known from a long time that Facebook posts with Photos generate best engagement rates but have you ever thought that what you can do beyond that  improve your engagement rates? Below are some some tips that you can start testing on your Facebook page for optimizing the engagement. [Read more…]

Red Bull UAE builds awareness for new Flavors via Twitter based contest

redbull_logoEveryone knows Red Bull. This is the only brand that is less known for its product but known more for its extreme sports and adrenaline stunt based marketing. With help of this new Twitter based competition Red Bull attempts to improve the awareness of newly launched Flavors (called Editions) in UAE. [Read more…]

How brands are really embracing Instagram in Middle East

Instagram_Icon_LargeIf you are reading this blog post then you are probably aware about the story of Instagram and it’s massive growth. This photo sharing (and now video sharing) Mobile app grew from zero to 130 million monthly active users in 2 years and 7 months only (yes that’s monthly number of active users). [Read more…]

101 creative ways to wish Ramadan from powerful Middle East Brands on Facebook

It is that time of the year when every Middle East brand maintaining it’s presence on Facebook is greeting “Ramadan Kareem” in one form of message or another to their Facebook following.

I happen to follow majority of these brands on Facebook and as a matter of fact yesterday & today my news feed was quite chocked with the Ramadan Messages and I got quite fascinated to observe that some brands chose to add their brand messaging in some form to the creative asset they developed and some brands chose to just let it roll in the festive spirit and no branding added at all. [Read more…]

Meet Fliike: Your First Physical Facebook Like Counter

FliikeMeet Fliike, your new Facebook Like Counter in real world. It is a physical device that connects to your WIFI and pulls the count of your Facebook Likes from your Facebook page in real time. This product is will be released in November 2013 but you can pre-order the product in $399 at www.smiirl.com. [Read more…]

Jotun Paints Arabia tries to unleash Facebook Fans Interior design skills through custom Facebook App

Facebook is most popular social network in Middle East and no wonder why all brands are trying to capture the most out of this platform. Jotun Paints, a well established brand in the world of paints tries to capture the interest of their Facebook fans  by launching a new Facebook app to promote their collection of “Lady Design” paints. This app allows Facebook users to unleash the interior designer in themselves and win weekly and mega prize for their efforts. [Read more…]