Red Bull UAE builds awareness for new Flavors via Twitter based contest

redbull_logoEveryone knows Red Bull. This is the only brand that is less known for its product but known more for its extreme sports and adrenaline stunt based marketing. With help of this new Twitter based competition Red Bull attempts to improve the awareness of newly launched Flavors (called Editions) in UAE.

Ramadan Riddles

Ramadan & Riddles (aka Fawazir in Arabic) holds a strong bond in Arab culture. It has remained an essential part of entertainment in Ramadan period after the Iftar meals and the prayers for the day.

This competition which started in middle of Ramadan is going to riddle a question every day on and Twitter users based in UAE simply needs to reply the answer in form of a Tweet with a mention to @redbulluae & Hashtag it #ramadanriddles or its Arabic equivalent. Plain. Easy. Simple Mechanics.

The Riddles are asked on the Microsite and Google search could easily help you get the answers.

ramadan_riddles_day_1 ramadan_riddles_day_2

The Microsite for the campaign lists all the Tweets which were tagged with #ramadanriddles hashtag which is another way to find out the answer to the Riddle easily from other users.


Red Bull UAE has considered an Arabic Hashtag for this contest but it seems that developers of the Microsite have forgot to re-configure the Arabic version of the Microsite to display those tweets that are tagged with Arabic version of the hashtag.

Update: Red Bull UAE have fixed this glitch after identified it via this blog post. 

So how does this campaign builds the awareness for the new Red Bull Editions?

  • Imagery used across the campaign assets reflects the essence of the Brand pretty well and the images used on the Riddles try to showcase the new Flavors / Editions in front of contest enthusiasts who are reading those Riddles.
  • Competition potentially attracts new Followers for Red Bull UAE (haven’t noticed any jump since launch of this campaign in 2 days) which potentially get exposed to some Tweets about new Flavors
  • Winners are selected on daily basis which will receive some sort of Red Bull merchandise which helps build some awareness

I don’t see any direct ROI out of this campaign but that’s the nature of awareness driven campaigns in any case.

So that’s it from my side. Now it’s your turn. Express your thoughts about this post through comments or Tweet me at @mohitdxb. If you think others could benefit from this post then please share it socially to your network.

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  • Lara Safar

    hello mohit, thank you for pointing out the arabic hashtag configuration oversight. it has been fixed now!

    • hussdajani

      Thanks Lara.

      • Great activation Hussain!

        • hussdajani

          Hats off to the Red Bull UAE team buddy! 🙂