About Me

Hello there. My name is Mohit Jain and I am an experienced and enthusiastic metrics/data driven digital native with over 9+ years of passion for digital marketing and entire eco-system around it. I live and breathe in digital interactive space 24×7 but physically I am based out in Dubai. I currently work at Middle East Communication Network (MCN) as Digital Analytics Manager and work with several blue-chip brands in various industry verticals including Automobile, FMCG, Food & Electronics.

My core specialties include putting the pieces of digital strategy together based on the objectives of the brand and I focus on marketing strategy development to use internet technology to implement compelling digital marketing solutions to connect, convert, retain and develop customers.

My other forte lies in measuring digital activation’s using various tools & technologies and analyzing the collected data to generate insights that are used to further optimize the campaigns.

Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or view my CV here to learn more about me & my work experiences.


All opinions & perspectives mentioned on this blog are my own and have no connection with where I work, have worked, or have consulted. If you have any concerns regarding any post on this website then I encourage you to share it via comments or email them directly to me.