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10 examples of Poor Display Banner and Landing Page combinations from Arabia

10 examples of Poor Display Banner and Landing Page combinations from Arabia

Digital Advertising spend in Middle East is predicted to hit $1 Billion by 2018 but the question is if advertisers are really making this advertising spend work for them? Display banner advertising is a major component of this spending and average click-through rate of display ads is 0.1%. (Source: DoubleClick) yet advertisers consider it an […]

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Digital Marketing Research in Middle East

The most awesome collection of various research bits for the aspiring Digital Marketer in The Middle East

Have you ever wondered how many Facebook Users are there in Middle East or what is the internet penetration or how many smartphone users are there in Middle East that you can target for your next campaign? I am sure you have. I receive this question from my peers every day and I thought to […]

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facebook tips & tricks

5 Tips to Test & Improve Engagement on your Facebook Posts

After working on numerous Facebook pages for local & international Brands I realized that this bird called “engagement” can’t be tamed and you need to continue to evolve with your creative ammunition to keep it on your side. Every Brand, every agency & every community manager who works in Social Media space is trying different tactics […]

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Facebook Fan Reach

How to calculate Reach of your Facebook Posts to your Fans

Facebook Reach is probably one of the most written topics in Facebook marketing blogosphere on the World Wide Web. An exact keyword search on Google with “Facebook Reach” returns over 71,000 results. That’s a lot of content. If you are reading this post then probably you are already aware about what Facebook Reach is so I […]


Red Bull UAE builds awareness for new Flavors via Twitter based contest

Everyone knows Red Bull. This is the only brand that is less known for its product but known more for its extreme sports and adrenaline stunt based marketing. With help of this new Twitter based competition Red Bull attempts to improve the awareness of newly launched Flavors (called Editions) in UAE.


How brands are really embracing Instagram in Middle East

If you are reading this blog post then you are probably aware about the story of Instagram and it’s massive growth. This photo sharing (and now video sharing) Mobile app grew from zero to 130 million monthly active users in 2 years and 7 months only (yes that’s monthly number of active users).